Group Classes

These small classes focus on the basics of drawing, color and design, such as proportion, shading, and color theory.  These are beginner and intermediate level classes and are appropriate for brand new art students and those wishing to have a refresher course in technique. Learn more.

Individual Classes

Individual classes include the same skill building as the group classes, but seek to develop the student’s individual artistic interests. The student will determine the focus of the course in terms of subject matter and medium. I will fully customize your lessons to your ability and goals. For example, if you wish to practice only black and white portraits done in oil paint, that will be our sole focus until you choose to change. This class is appropriate for all ages since it is individual, but is particularly geared toward serious art students. Learn more.


This class is offered only after completion of at least one year of either the group or individual lessons and is by invitation only. In the style of the old master studios, this lesson is a true apprenticeship in which the student will learn my painting techniques from the ground up. Lessons begin with canvas making, continue into underpainting, glazing, etc. The student will see my entire artistic practice from the inside out, including the business aspects of the art world. The student will not be pursuing his or her own work in this class, but will assist me in the creation of my work. This is how all the old masters learned their craft and is, in my opinion, the best way to learn. This class may be taken in conjunction with the other courses if desired. Learn more.

About Michael Tole
Michael Tole is a full-time artist represented by galleries in Dallas, New York, and San Francisco. His current body of work consists of photorealistic paintings of Faberge eggs that verge on surrealist landscapes. He was recently awarded the $50,000 Hunting Art Prize, and received a Kimbrough Grant from The Dallas Museum of Art in 2006. Tole has also been reviewed in ARTFORUM, and was featured in the 60th and 71st editions of New American Painting. Learn more.

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